There are times when life doesn't quite go according to plan, when we are stretched beyond our regular ways of coping and are forced to seek help. Or maybe it feels like the joy has disappeared from our days and we are only skimming the surface.

Many people come to therapy wishing to change something about themselves. To me, counselling is not about adding or removing of anything from who you are but rather about orienting yourself in your inner landscape, finding your centre and connecting with different aspects of your being through qualities of respect, acceptance and compassion. I would like to support you in trusting your inner wisdom and goodness, to facilitate your own process of growth to unfold and to accompany you on this journey.

Counselling means spending a lot of time untangling your past and present experiences, understanding how your past might have shaped you and discovering how it might still be affecting you today. But it is not the interpretations and metaphors that impact most upon the people I work with. In my experience, it is the quality and depth of personal engagement in the spirit of emotional honesty and mutual respect that feels most helpful. Something special happens when two people really meet whilst being present with each other and with themselves. In my practice, I aim for these precious moments to happen as I place the authentic relationship between two human beings at the heart of my work.

Counselling can help you:

  • to be more emotionally resilient and self-aware
  • to feel more centred and stable
  • to have more ownership and mastery of your life
  • to feel more alive and engaged with the world
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