The beginning

During the initial consultation we will discuss your issues, goals and expectations which will give us an opportunity to consider whether we will be able to work well together. It is vital that you feel comfortable with me and that I have the right skills and experience to work with the issues you are bringing.

First six sessions

 If you choose to continue, it is usual to have 6 sessions; then review and mutually agree on how to take things forward. During this time you will be able to cancel or rearrange your session any time as long as you give me 48 hours notice.

Subsequent sessions

The early sessions might help you to gain more clarity, understanding and coping strategies in dealing with your original concerns. They also often uncover other underlying issues and you might feel ready to engage with therapy on a deeper level to address these. This type of therapy works best when there is security and consistency to it. The agreed day and time of our sessions becomes your space that I hold open for you every week by keeping myself and the room available. I would ask you to support this process by attending regularly. At this point it will not be possible to cancel or rearrange your session like in the beginning. Apart from the three weeks for holiday, you will be due payment for each session whether you attend or not. In some instances, I might be able to reschedule the session for another day/time in that week. In this case, I will ask you to pay £10 to cover the original room booking.

Duration of counselling and endings

Ending is an important part of counselling and it often becomes obvious for both of us when therapy is coming to a close. You have the right at any time to stop coming to therapy but ending shouldn’t be a spur of the moment decision. Indeed, if you find yourself having a strong, sudden urge to end; this is very likely to indicate something going on in therapy that needs to be talked about. If you do decide to terminate counselling, it is a good practice to give at least a few weeks’ notice so that any outstanding issues can be resolved and the whole process closed in a healing manner.

All appointments last 50 minutes.

The initial session costs £25

The following sessions cost £50