I collect client's contact details so that I can communicate with them when necessary.

I also collect information about client's GP (and other medical professionals, if applicable) so that I can contact them in the unlikely event that I am concerned about their health. I will do my best to always discuss this with clients beforehand and will let them know about my communications with any outside agencies.

These data will be stored securely and not shared with anyone else.  I will keep them for the duration of therapy and destroy them after our work is finished. One exception is full name which I will retain together with a short record of our sessions for 5 years. The only reason these would be shared is if they were subpoenaed by court.

Clients have the right to change their mind and withdraw their consent to me holding this information. Please feel free to speak to me if you want any of the data you are giving me to be revised, changed or deleted.

There are also data about clients that I keep without asking their consent such as clinical notes. These are short records of all sessions without anything that would clearly identify who they are about. In accordance with both BACP Ethical Framework and GDPR these are adequate, relevant and limited to what is necessary for the service being provided. I have legal obligation to keep these for 5 years after the end of therapy.

Clients have the right to see all information that I hold about them.