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How does it work?


In my experience, most of our problems in living are in one way or another caused by how we relate to the world around us and how connected we feel to ourselves and others.

Together we can look at your present and past experiences and also at what is happening between us to gain a fresh and tangible insight into what life feels like for you. We would use this information to trace the patterns in your life so that you can see them clearly. When we are more aware of our emotions and able to stay present with them, we can create a pause between our impulses and actions. In this space, we can discover our ability to respond rather than react to stressful situations.

My main interest is to look at the connection to one's self and see if there is anything in the way. We all have aspects of ourselves that had been wounded in the past. We often protect ourselves from feeling the pain by disconnecting from them - holding them away from our conscious awareness. We might have learned to organise our whole lives around not touching the parts that feel uncomfortable, confusing or painful. This means that we don't see the whole picture of who we are and cannot engage with ourselves and with others fully. Keeping the emotions at bay uses a lot of our energy and can leave as feeling depleated.

When we encounter feelings of meaninglessness, anxiety or depression in our lives, these are often messages from our bodies, that there is something amiss, something needing our attention. In my understanding, these are the parts of ourselves we have put aside until the time when we have the inner resources to face them.

In the process of therapy I would be gently encouraging you to become aware and accepting of those unwanted parts through focusing on breathing and being present and engaged with what is happening while cultivating a compassionate attitude towards it.

I would like to help you to not only find unique solutions to your difficulties, but to support you towards feeling more fully alive, centred and empowered.

I see our work as a collaborative and creative process with the quality of our relationship at it's heart.